• “To work against destiny is to break

    the very rules of cause and effect.”

  • Aiden, who possesses the ability
    to foretell the future through his dreams,
    followed his vision to hone his spear art by learning
    from an old man from another country.
    He had another dream while training with the old man on high seas.
    In the dream, he was drawn into the center of the Realm of the Living.
    When he woke, he found a shield lying in the spot his teacher once stood.
    When he reached the place he saw in his dream,
    he encountered a monster. In the ensuing fight,
    he was knocked unconscious, and woke to find himself
    in a remote cabin with a small tattoo on his left shoulder.
    While investigating the origin of
    the tattoo and the whereabouts of his master,
    he had a vision of a man destroying everything.
    On the man’s chest was a tattoo of a black dragon.
    When he woke, he realized that one day,
    his dream would come true.
    It is a fate that cannot be avoided.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Infinite March

    Charges forward to attack. The enemy is sent flying upon hit.

  • Active

    Shield Throw

    Throws a shield forward. The shield attacks a nearby enemy up to 5 times. The final attack makes the enemy stumble upon hit.

  • Active

    Steel Barrier

    Slams down with a shield to make the enemy stumble. The shield remains for a set time and guards all enemies' projectiles.

  • Active

    Iron Will

    Single press: Spreads a shield outward in 8 directions. Enemies in the shield's path are dealt with damage while increasing the weapon defense power of you and nearby allies.
    Additional press: The shield gathers to one spot, damaging enemies in its way.

  • Super


    Foresees the future to counter the enemy’s attack.

  • Passive

    Death Sense

    The Foresight Gauge is filled when an attack is blocked. When the gauge is full and your guard is broken, you can counter the enemy's attack and deal damage.