• “The purifying wind will guide us.”

  • Ara’s memories go as far back as the Realm of Hierarchy.
    The saint who took care of her when she lost her memories
    was like a candle in the dark.
    She fell in love with him and knew happiness as their love grew.
    But one day,
    Seer Bohyun sensed the Demon Tombs were in trouble,
    so he traveled to the Realm of the Living,
    promising Ara that he would soon return.
    Before he left her, he gave her a mandolin.
    When Ara played the instrument,
    waiting for her lover’s return,
    she realized that its sound transfigures into butterflies.
    Knowing the power of her lover’s mandolin,
    she traveled to the Realm of the Living to find her lover without fear.
    There, she met a girl named Dara and they began their journey.

Skill Description

  • Active


    Additional press: Releases melodious butterflies. The target hit with the last butterfly is sent flying.

  • Active


    Single press: Attacks the front with a melodious attack. The target hit with the last butterfly is sent flying.

  • Active

    Lucid Dream

    Single press: Moves forward, spawning butterflies along the trail. Butterflies damage the enemy on contact.
    Additional press: Plays a tune that increases skill attack power. The longer the tune is played, the greater its effect becomes.

  • Active

    First Snow Lullaby

    Releases two melodious butterflies. An enemy that comes in contact with the spot where the two butterflies cross each other suffers damage and is knocked back. The enemy is sent flying when hit with the final crossing spot.

  • Super

    Four Seasons

    Releases a huge melodious butterfly. The butterfly flies through enemies in its path and deals damage.

  • Passive


    Swaying back twice in succession spawns orbs along the trail. The orbs deal damage to the enemy upon contact.