• “I want to know one thing:
    are you on the good side or the bad?”

  • Dara's birth began with a man.
    Taoist Master Jinyang, the Ancient Weapon Master,
    created Dara using
    only the powers of a pure ancient weapon and barrier.
    From Jinyang, Dara learned how to control ancient weapons
    and live as a human.
    But one day, Dara’s master disappeared,
    prompting her to leave home in search of him.
    On her travels, Dara became enthralled by a world full of mystery.
    Naturally, she fought monsters who sought to destroy the world,
    but soon she learned that human rulers like the Flame Dancer
    were not all that different from the monsters.
    Confused between humanity and monstrosity,
    Dara struggled to find an answer.
    Ara persuaded Dara to experience the world more before making a decision,
    so Dara now accompanies Ara to explore
    the Realm of the Living.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Elemental Strike

    Releases a wave with a certain effect depending on the element used on hit.
    Fire: Sends the enemy flying./When enhanced: Increases AoE and adds damage.
    Lightning: Makes the enemy groggy./When enhanced: Increases AoE, and resets the cooldown of Elemental Strike.
    Ice: Freezes the enemy./When enhanced: Increases AoE and freezes time.

  • Active

    Elemental Diffusion

    Single press: Fires a projectile that hits the enemy. Additional press: If the skill is pressed again the projectile explodes, dealing AoE damage depending on the element used.
    Fire: Sends the enemy flying.
    Lightning: Continuously deals AoE damage 7 times, with the last attack sending the enemy flying.
    Ice: Creates a wall of ice.

  • Active

    Ring of Elements

    Releases energy in front of the character dealing damage depending on the element used in a certain radius. AoE lasts 5 seconds.
    Fire: Deals continuous damage to enemies.
    Lightning: Lightning hits 5 times, damaging enemies.
    Ice: When stepped on, freezes the enemies for 2 seconds.

  • Active

    Select Element

    You can select one of three elements.

  • Super

    Star Strike

    Deals damage to enemies around using the power of all 3 elements.

  • Passive

    Elemental Stacks

    When using a skill, energy is released and stacked up to three times. After accumulating 3 stacks, the next skill used is enhanced.