• “I shall not find peace until he dies.”

  • Born as the elder son of a great general,
    Geonhong was ashamed of himself for his small stature.
    He was considered a disgrace by his family,
    unfavorably compared to his younger brother.
    Knowing this, his younger brother treated him cruelly.
    Geonhong grew to fear violence and isolated himself from others.
    One day, he witnessed his younger brother set fire to the house,
    leaving their father to die and taking the ancient weapon with him.
    Geonhong tried to stop him,
    but his brother pushed him to the ground and killed his father.
    Geonhong passed out from shock.
    When he woke, he found himself at the top of a strange mountain.
    There, he met a saint and learned how to overcome his fears,
    but the mere thought of his brother drove him to an uncontrollable rage.
    The saint gave him alcohol to soothe his pain,
    but it lead to a dependence, with Geonhong’s mind now rarely clear.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Bottle Throw

    Single press:Throws a bottle forward. Sends the hit target flying. The bottle stays on the ground if it misses the target.
    Additional press: Makes the bottle explode and deals AoE damage. The hit target becomes stumbled.

  • Active

    Tipsy Flame

    Unleashes a flame that burns through the enemy. The more it hits, the more damage it deals.

  • Active

    Drunken Walk

    Sets a trap. If you step on it, then it launches you in the currently viewed direction. If an enemy steps on it, it deals AoE damage.

  • Active

    Eat, Drink and Be Merry

    Deals damage to ahead. The amount of damage and effect varies by the number of Geonhong’s skill that hit the target
    (2+ hits - flying).

  • Super

    Alcohol Aggression

    Deals a ruthless combo to an enemy.

  • Passive

    Elevating Tipsiness

    Consumes alcohol after finishing every attack. The drunk gauge rises as your hunter gets drunk, which can be used to unleash fire on the enemy.
    Super armor is activated when the gauge is maxed.