• “You shall pay for the blood of my brothers!”

  • The Demi-Beasts have long been suffered.
    Although they were born tough, they were treated as
    game for hunters.

    GyeonJo, a Gorilla, originally a captive of a circus troupe,
    fought to free his enslaved brethren. However, the Flame Dancer
    took everything he fought for from him.
    He was enraged when he was sent to the Arena where he had to kill his people for others’ entertainment.

    After a long and painful wait, he managed to steal the Flame Dancer’s ancient weapon.
    With the weapon, he was able to free his people again.

    The riot of GyeonJo soon became a revolution,
    allowing his people to live like others.
    GyeonJo is not satisfied with what he has achieved.
    He now roams the world and fights monsters to become stronger than humans.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Ultimate Charge

    Charges at the enemy. The skill cooldown is reset if the attack is connected (up to 3 times).

  • Active

    Great Spinning Throw

    Attacks the enemy several times by spinning the ancient weapon. If the attack key is released, the weapon is launched to its maximum range and returns.

  • Active

    Impregnable Fortress

    Single press: Erects a barricade that blocks enemy missiles.
    Additional press: Inflicts damage to enemies nearby.

  • Active

    Capture Beast

    Single press: Charges energy to inflict damage to the enemy and draws them to the caster. The range and damage increases according to the time spent charging energy.

  • Super

    Release Vigor

    Infuses the ancient weapon with energy and releases it to inflict significant damage to the enemy.

  • Passive

    Guardian’s Spirit

    If the damage taken exceeds a certain amount, the caster pushes enemies back and grants a Defense Power Buff to one self and nearby allies.