• “All shall kneel before my sword.”

  • A descendent of House Wei,
    one of the most prominent houses in the south for their long line of fine warriors,
    Jun grew up in an oppressive and authoritative
    environment. He endured the hardship,
    believing that he would one day become the heir to his great house.
    However, the law of primogeniture conflicted with his ambition.
    Repeatedly excluded from important matters,
    Jun stole his family’s heirloom to
    prove his worth and legitimacy in the Realm of the Living.
    Jun, whose sole goal is to become strong,
    suffered his first defeat at the hands of Mir.
    He attributed the loss to Mir’s ancient weapon,
    and began searching for one for himself,
    which was when he learned that his family heirloom was also an ancient weapon.
    He now roams the world in search of Mir,
    hoping to confront him once more and prove victorious.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Talon Attack

    Attacks the target in front and sends them flying.

  • Active


    Attacks the enemy three times in a row. The final attack makes the enemy stumble upon hit.

  • Active

    Death Embrace

    Single press: Extends the chainsword to pull the target in.
    Additional press: Press the skill again after the first hit to pull in the target and attack. The additional attack causes the target to stumble.

  • Active

    Ultimate Assault

    Jumps up into the air and channels all power into the chainsword to unleash a deadly downward slash. The target stumbles upon hit.

  • Super

    Throat Slitter

    Swings the chainsword to deal damage to the enemy.

  • Passive

    Blood Revenge

    Able to use 2 consecutive Sways. Use sway during the enemy’s attack to quickly move to the enemy’s front. Deal a normal attack to attack instantly.