• “Resistance is futile.
    The hellfire won’t be doused.”

  • Mimi and her younger sister were offered to Jalandhara,
    one of the rulers of the Realm of Anarchy.
    Jalandhara enjoyed turning the offerings
    into mindless thralls and the two sisters led a harsh life,
    fighting an endless battle under their master.
    At first, Jalandhara couldn’t believe that the puny female humans
    survived so long in the Realm of Anarchy and didn’t trust them.
    But when he was ambushed by his enemies,
    the sisters defended him,
    risking their lives and earning his trust.
    Impressed by their loyalty,
    Jalandhara gave them an ancient weapon called the Moon Blade.
    Mimi wields the powers of the blade and can invoke hellfire at will.
    She is now one of his loyal minions, obeying him to death.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Back Jump

    Single press: Attacks the enemy in front and sends them flying.
    Continuous presses: Charges and jumps up to deal damage to the surrounding. The hit target stumbles.

  • Active

    Blade Flood

    Attacks the enemy with countless blades. The final attack makes the enemy stumble upon hit.

  • Active

    Meteor Dash

    Single press: Quickly charges forward, penetrating and dealing damage to the enemy in its path. Can be reused with an additional press when the attack hits the enemy.

  • Active


    Single press: Unleashes the power of the Ancient Weapon, creating a wall of flames that deal continuous damage to the surroundings while activating super armor. Enemies hit by the Ancient Weapon are pulled towards Mimi.
    Additional press: Retrieves the Eclipse Blade and damages a nearby enemy. The enemy hit is pulled towards Mimi.

  • Super

    Meteor Explosion

    Summons the Eclipse Blade to the front to destroy enemies.

  • Passive

    Flame Thrower

    When the enemy is hit a certain number of times, flames spread out that damage enemies around you.