• “Death is not a luxury
    I've been granted.”

  • A half-breed between a demon and a human,
    Mumyung felt at home in neither society.
    His parents lived in seclusion,
    worried about the prejudice he may face,
    but his life changed when two intruders forced their way into his home.
    Knocked unconscious, his memory became dim,
    but the faint recollection was all he had.
    Mumyung became an orphan and lost one of his horns to the Dark Goblin,
    the leader of the Goblin tribe he was part of, living as a slave.
    He won freedom when he stole the Goblin’s ancient weapon and fled.
    Hoping to exact his revenge, he wandered across the land
    when he met and fell in love with a human woman
    who bore a resemblance to his late mother.
    But he lost his lover when the Demon Tombs were destroyed.
    Mumyung is now nothing but a husk,
    fueled solely by his desire for revenge.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Shadow Cut

    Attacks the enemy in front and sends them flying.

  • Active

    Shadow Slash

    Enhanced when the last basic attack and skill hits the enemy. Enhances up to 3 times, and summons the same number of avatars as the number of enhancements to attack together.

  • Active

    Shadow Mark

    Single press: Attacks the enemy in front and makes them stumble.
    Continuous presses: Fires projectiles forward. A mark appears on the hit target's face.
    Additional press: Teleports to the marked enemy’s location and strikes a blow.

  • Active

    Shadow Ghost

    Single press: Summons an avatar that has the same abilities as you.
    Additional press: Teleports to the avatar’s location and attacks. The avatar disappears.

  • Super

    Phantom Assassin

    Summons an avatar that attacks the enemy from behind.

  • Passive


    Continuously performs basic attacks to enter stealth mode, becoming invisible to the enemy.