• “Penitence is key to nirvana.”

  • Despite his appearance, Sum Jung is a Buddhist.
    Sum Jung received bamboo slips from his master Kong Ming,
    and embarked on a quest to secure three objects
    that would bring peace to the world.
    Before leaving,
    he traveled to a place by the direction
    of his master and found an imprisoned Wukong.
    Unaware of the gravity of his sins, Wukong lashed out.
    Sum Jung knew he had to guide this lost soul
    and teach him the words of Buddha.
    He made Wukong wear a magic circlet to force his obedience.
    When the seal broke, Sum Jung overpowered a raging Wukong,
    using the power of the circlet to subjugate him
    and lead him on a new journey to save a troubled world.

Skill Description

  • Active


    Pounds the enemy to ground it.

  • Active

    Three Path Strike

    Single press: Attacks the target three times in a row. The final attack makes the enemy stumble upon hit.
    Additional press (while the target is down): Climbs on top of the target to unleash pounding attacks. Each attack consumes stamina.

  • Active

    Merciful Sacrifice

    Single press: Activates sacrifice mode. When your hunter is hit, it allows your hunter to push the allies aside and buff the allies’ attack power.
    Additional press: Deactivates sacrifice mode while dealing damages to nearby enemies and making them stumbled.

  • Active

    Penance and Patience

    Single press: Makes a field effect and increases the defense power of your hunter. Received ally damage is given to your hunter. A different effect can be chosen depending on the number of additional presses.
    +1: Gradually restores HP while increasing your and your allies’ attack power by the amount of the damage taken.
    +2: Deals damage to enemies in the field and pulls the enemy with the highest HP to your side.

  • Super

    Buddha’s Palm

    Attacks the enemy with Buddha’s Palm.

  • Passive

    Dauntless Curtain

    When you successfully complete the skill motion from hitting the target to the retrieval, a shield is applied to you and your allies. The protective shields absorb damage taken. Shield durability is 20% of max HP and they last 5 seconds.