• “Tau is free! Tau won’t hold
    against anything now!”

  • Tau was captured by humans and raised as a circus animal.
    Timid and skittish, he didn’t join either side during the
    Demi-Beast Revolution, and was thus shunned by both.
    Monk Hawon, however, changed his lonely life.
    Hawon didn’t mind his beastly appearance and took him on his travels.
    When Tau lost his only friend to the monsters
    that were freed from the Demon Tombs,
    he finally learned how to unleash his rage.
    He took his dead friend’s clothes and fought the monsters,
    but soon realized that he would fight
    friends and foes alike in blinding rage.
    He dedicated himself to controlling his rage and learning
    how to use the powers of ancient weapons.
    Now, he is a completely different being than he was in the past.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Beast Dash

    Single press: Charges forward to attack, making the enemy groggy on hit. Can change direction during the charge.
    Additional press: Stops the charge and strikes nearby enemies. The hit enemies are knocked back.

  • Active

    Rock Breaker

    Single press: Attacks the target three times in a row. The final attack makes the enemy stumble upon hit.
    Additional press (while the target is down): Climbs on top of the target to unleash pounding attacks. Each attack consumes stamina.

  • Active

    Earth Tremor

    Slams the target in front and grounds them. Deals greater damage if the target is already grounded.

  • Active


    Continuous presses: Gathers stamina to inflict damage to your surroundings. The longer the click, the greater the damage. If stamina has been gathered to the maximum, the hit enemy becomes grounded.

  • Super

    Nature's Call

    Mercilessly attacks the target in front.

  • Passive

    Inner Peace

    Continuously performs basic attacks to restore spent stamina. Completing Inner Peace brings about an effect that exhausts a great amount of the guarding enemy’s stamina.