• “How can I turn away from those
    overwhelmed by chaos and despair.”

  • When Yoongeon was a
    young sick boy with a limp,
    Mir was there to protect
    him like a brother.
    These two were very close
    as any orphans would be.
    They dreamt of a better more peaceful future.
    Even when they left the temple and
    entered the Realm of Hierarchy
    lead by a saint and perhaps fate,
    they stuck together.

    As an apprentice of the saint,
    he trained day and night.
    One day, Mir decided to descend,
    Yoongeon was greatly shocked by
    Mir’s sudden decision.
    Yoongeon, up until then, never complained
    about his weak body before.
    Even when his progress was hindered by it,
    but this was the moment he hated his weakliness.
    He turned that anger into the driving force
    to practice harder and better.

    After rigorous training, his excellence was
    acknowledged and his master presented
    him with the ancient weapon and proudly
    left for the Realm of the Living.

    He is no longer that young weak boy
    with a limp. He is a martial arts master.

Skill Description

  • Active

    Rushing Black Tiger

    Normal : Swings Black Tiger Spectral Sword forward and the enemy gets launched upward and rendered Airborne upon hit.
    Actualized : Thrusts Black Tiger Spectral Sword downward and makes the enemies in its line of fire to get launched upward and rendered Airborne.

  • Active

    Bite and Tear

    Normal : Swings the Black Tiger Spectral Sword forward consecutively three times. The final hit makes the enemy get Knocked Down.
    Actualized : Projects the sword energy forward. Can be used up to 3 times. The final attack makes the enemy get Knocked Down upon hit.

  • Active

    Mark of Prey

    Normal : Possess the enemy with the Black Tiger Spectral Sword. When the Skill is used, the Black Tiger Spectral Sword appears on the possessed target. On Skill end, the sword returns to you.
    Actualized (Single press) :Strikes Black Tiger Spectral Sword forward to incinerate the ground. The enemy gets Knocked Down upon hit and continuously deals damage to the enemies on the area.
    Actualized (Hold) :Enhances your Skill Attack Power.

  • Active

    Black Tiger Hierophany

    Actualizes the Black Tiger Spectral Sword. Yoongeon cannot move during this time.

  • Super

    Fury of the Chained Tiger

    Summons the Black Tiger Spectral Sword and throws a powerful blow to the enemy.

  • Passive

    Ephemeral Liberation

    Normal : Energy is stacked upon a successful hit. Can be stacked up to 3 times. Spend all of the stacks by performing the Skill 'Black Tiger Hierophany' that actualizes the Black Tiger Spectral Sword and enhances Skill Attack Power.<.br/>Actualize : Each successful Skill hit increases stack by 1 up to 3. Actualization spends all of the stacks and increases Skill Defense Power proportional to the stacks.