Hunter’s Arena: Legends Combat System

Basic Combat

Weapon Attack

Continuously attacks an enemy in front. The final attack sends the enemy flying.

Martial Arts

Martial arts can break through the enemies’ guard. Neutralize the enemies’ guard with Martial Arts Move 1 and send them airborne or put them into the Groggy state with Move 2 to deal massive damage.


Left-click the mouse at the right moment or left-click and hold to switch to Guard stance. Guard can defend against incoming attacks except martial arts. Consumes Stamina.

Martial Arts Counter & Stun

If you’re anticipating an incoming martial arts attack, you can counter the enemy with a well timed martial arts attack. Successful counter attack makes the enemy groggy and gives you a chance to deal massive damage.


Press the skill button to inflict more damage than weapon attacks. Some skills can only be used when certain conditions are met.


This skill allows you to move a short distance quickly to evade incoming attacks or approach enemies.

Escape Skill

Pressing [Weapon Attack + Martial Arts + Movement Key] at the same time while being hit or guarding will push away the enemy and dodge in the desired direction.