Hunter’s Arena: Legends Combat System

Advanced Combat

Ground Attack

Press the ground weapon attack (weapon attack button) and ground martial arts attack (martial arts button) to trigger Ground Attack when the enemy is downed. Ground weapon attacks are triggered immediately while ground martial arts attacks throw the enemy in the air to inflict greater damage.

Rising attack

Pressing the weapon attack button while laying down triggers the attack and deals damages to nearby enemies.

First Attack

Additional damage is dealt to a newly encountered enemy.


Inflict greater damage by hitting an attacking enemy . The amount of damage inflicted depends on the character's stats.

Guard Crush

If a character on Guard spends all their Stamina, a Guard Crash will occur and the character becomes temporarily Groggy and uncontrollable.

Area of effect (AoE) Counter & Stun

When the character counters a Martial Arts skill while fighting multiple enemies, the Martial Arts counter applies to all the enemies in the area, making all of them Groggy.

Lock On (Focus)

Always faces the Lock on (Focus) target. Movement speed is reduced, however it becomes easier to accurately hit the target.


Hiding in bushes triggers stealth mode. The enemies cannot detect your character while you are in stealth mode. Attacking enemies while in stealth mode inflicts additional damage.