Hunter’s Arena: Legends Combat System

Combat tips

Aerial Combo

Various aerial combos can be performed by sending the enemy airborne using a skill or martial arts attack with a weapon attack or skill attack follow-up.

Cancel Sway

The character may use Sway to cancel their actions.

Super Armor

Superarmor state makes your character glow red, giving your skills the ability to not be cancelled even when the character is being hit. This works only for specific parts of skill animations


The character becomes invincible while using a skill. Invincibility is only available during specific periods,

Fall damage

The character receives damage when falling from big heights. The character takes insignificant damage when they fall on their own, but takes significant damage when pushed by an enemy.

Jump Attack

Press the Weapon Attack button while falling to launch a Jump Attack. Jump attack automatically tracks enemies within its range and inflicts significant damage when the attack lands. If attack is not successful, the character takes fall damage.


A small air stream is created behind running enemies. The character can chase them faster if they follow the air stream.