Combat Screen

Combat Screen
Interface Function
① My Info Displays the level, EXP, HP, and Stamina of the character.
② Buffs Displays all the buffs acquired in the game, including the Kill Streak.
③ Ally Status Displays ally status(only in Battle Royale Trio Mode).
④ Usable Items Displays usable items.
⑤ Skills Displays skills, including passives, and their cooldowns. Displays the level up availability status of an active skill with the mark.
⑥ Remaining Skill Points Displays the availability of an CC Breaker(escape skill) and its cooldown.
⑦ CC Breaker(Escape Skill) Displays the skill points acquired.
⑧ Unlock Ability Display Ability Unlock. Show whether the Ability Unlock can be leveled up.
⑨ Using Remaining Ability Unlock Points Display obtained Mastery Points
⑩ Minimap Displays the minimap.
⑪ Barrier Displays the distance between your character and the barrier.
⑫ Ally Location Displays the location of allies (only in Battle Royale Trio Mode).
⑬ Ping Message Displays the location of ping messages (only in Battle Royale Trio Mode).
⑭ Bearing Displays the in-game bearing.
⑮ Kills Displays the number of enemies killed.
⑯ Surviving Players Displays the number of currently surviving players.


Interface Function
① Character Performance Displays the performance of the current character.
② Equipped Equipment Displays the currently equipped equipment.
③ Specify Equipment Type - You can specify the type of equipment.
④ Dismantle - If an equipment type is specified, only equipment of the specified types are automatically equipped.
⑤ Mass Dismantle Dismantles the items in Inventory.
⑥ Inventory All items of lower tier than the currently equipped equipment are dismantled.
⑦ Skill Displays Inventory window.
⑧ Unlock Ability Displays Skill window.
⑨ Pure Power Crystal Displays Unlock Ability window.
⑩ Power Crystal Displays the number of current Pure Power Crystals owned.
⑪ Current ammount of gold Displays the number of current Power Crystals owned.


Interface Function
① Active Skill Displays the icon and status of an active skill.
② Skill Description Displays the description of an active skill.
③ Increased Amount Upon Skill Enhancement Displays the increased value upon enhancing an active skill.
④ Skill Enhancement Availability Displays the availability of skill enhancement.
⑤ Passive Skill Displays passive skills.
⑥ Shortcut Key Displays the shortcut keys assigned to skills.
⑦ Skill Points Displays the remaining amount of skill points.
⑧ Skill Acquisition Condition Displays the conditions for acquiring skills.

Ability unlocked

Ability unlocked
Interface Function
① Unlock Ability Unlocks special abilities by spending ability points.
② Ability Points Displays the remaining amount of ability points.