Interface Function
① Graphics Set the Graphics Quality.
② Control Set the Controls.
③ Sound Set the Audio Settings.
④ Gameplay Set the Gameplay.
⑤ Connect account Sync with Twitch Account.
⑥ Rating Check the Game's Content Rating.
⑦ Reset All Reset all settings.
⑧ Reset Page Reset the settings on the current page.
⑨ Apply settings Apply the changed settings.


Interface Function
Language Choose the system and ingame language.
Screen settings Choose between Full Screen and Windowed modes.
Resolution Select the resolution to be displayed on the game screen.
FPS Show the framerate.
VSync Apply Vsync (Prevents Screen Tearing but may decrease framerate.)
Gamma Correction Adjust the brightness of the color display.
Motion Blur Select to apply motion blur when the screen moves.
Hair Physics Select to apply realistic hair physics.
All graphic settings Apply pre-set graphics settings. Graphics settings can be customized.
Resolution downscale Render the textures lower ratio than the actual resolution.
Visibility Set the monster or character draw distance. Set it higher to see characters from longer distances.
AA Quality Reduces perceived jagged edges.
Shadow quality Set the quality of character or nearby object shadows.
Post-Processing Quality Set the screen filter on your display to change the ambience of the screen.
Texture Quality Set the texture quality of character and surrounding backgrounds. Higher the quality, more detailed the texture.
Environment Density Quality Set the environment texture quality. Higher the quality, more detailed the textures.
Shader Quality Set the quality of visual effects such as character skills and buff. Higher the quality, more impressive the visual effects.


Interface Function
Voice language Select the system voice language used in game.
Voice type Select the system voice type used in game.
Activate background sound Select to disable the sound when the game is minimized or Alt+Tabbed.
Total Volume Set the master volume
BGM Volume Set the background music volume.
Effect Sound Volume Set the character action and interaction volume.
UI Effect Sound Volume Set the effect sound volume.
System Voice Volume Set the system volume.
Character Voice Volume Set the player character voice volume.
Environmental Sound Volume Set the environment volume.
Voice chat Set whether to hear the voice chat.
Voice output Set my mic for voice chat.
Voice chat volume Set the party member's mic volume.
Voice Chat Mic Volume Set my mic volume.


Interface Function
Invert mouse axis Select to vertically inverse the mouse look.
Adjust mouse sensitivity Select the mouse speed.
Auto Walk Toggle Walk/Run function. (During the auto walk, a different act would disable the auto walk and may re-press the auto walk key.)
Toggle Running Set how to use the Run function.
Camera Shake Set the camera shakiness during combat.
Camera Position Settings Set the default camera position.
Auto-targeting Targets nearby enemies while moving.
Display Tips Select whether to display Tips.
Controls guide shown (by default) Select whether to display Controls guide upon entering the game.