User-Generated Content Rules

User-Created Content Rules

Mantisco, Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) encourages and supports the efforts to use the creative talents of those who wish to create or use the user-created contents (the “Users”) for Hunter’s Arena: Legends (the “Game”) under certain conditions.  The User must comply with the User-Created Content Rules, the Company’s End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

1. User-Created Contents
User-created contents mean any contents created based on the Game (the “Contents”).  The Contents include fanart, fan-sites, fan videos, and streaming images, etc.

2. Non-Commercial Use
The Contents must be available for free.  The User may not charge any fees or require any type of compensation from others in return for the use of his or her Contents (e.g. requiring information from the person who receives the Contents, requiring download of anything other than the Contents, etc.)

3. Ownership
The Company has the ownership rights and intellectual property rights to the Game.  Please refer to the Terms of Service for further details.

4. Prohibition from Creating Inappropriate Contents
The Contents must not contain any substance that may infringe copyrights of any third party, advertisements related to hacks, exploitation, farming, illegal acts, or any other substance that are contrary to the socially accepted rules.  The Company may set forth the standards for inappropriate contents at its own discretion.

5. Disclaimers/Indemnifications/Disclaimer of Warranties
The Company does not guarantee or give license to the Contents.  The Company reserves the right to monitor and revoke any and all use of its intellectual property permitted to the Users at any time and for any or no reason at its own discretion.  The User hereby agrees to indemnify the Company from any legal disputes or expenses that arise in relation to the Contents unless there is any intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Company.

6. Additional Information
If you have any inquiries other than those covered in the abovementioned rules, please contact

These Rules shall take effect as of July 15, 2020.