Operation Policy

Code of Conduct

1. General Rules
The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to regulate general matters that the User and the Company should comply with in relation to the live services of Hunter’s Arena: Legends (the “Game”) provided by Mantisco, Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and to regulate necessary requirements so as to respond in a consistent manner to various circumstances that may arise in the process of using and providing the game services.  The matters that are not specified in the Code of Conduct shall be, in principle, treated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. Change to the Code of Conduct
If the Company were to change the Code of Conduct in order to improve the quality of game services, the Company will notify the effective date, amended contents and reasons for the amendment at least seven (7) days prior to the effective date on its website (http://hunters.imantisco.com).  Any changes that may be material or disadvantageous to the User shall be posted at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date.  If the User fails to comply with the revised Code of Conduct after the Company posts the revised version thereof, it is not the Company’s responsibility to compensate for any loss incurred due to lack of awareness or negligence on the part of the User.

3. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Company
  1. The Company will make every effort to facilitate the use of the Game by the Users under this Code of Conduct.
  2. The Company shall not ask the User for his or her account and password, and will make every effort to protect and manage the User’s personal information.  Provided, however; when a governmental or a judicial authority requests for personal information by due process of law, the Company may provide it to the relevant authority.
  3. The Company will be fully committed to promptly review and correct bugs, glitches and errors and is always receiving feedback through the customer support center and community.
  4. The Company shall not, in principle, intervene or be involved in normal activities or disputes arising between the Users in relation to the game services.
  5. The Company may restrict all or part of the game services if the Company determines that an unusual or unintended circumstance may arise between the Users, which may result in a material hindrance to the game services.
  6. The Company may restrict the use of the game services by a specific User or a group of Users in accordance with the “Standards of Penalties for Misconduct” provided herein if the Company determines that any of their acts obstructs the use of the game services.

4. Rights and Obligations of the User
  1. The User is obliged to understand and comply with the Company’s Terms of Service and the Code of Conduct.
  2. The Company reserves all rights to the information (including game scores, in-game items, game money, etc.) generated while using the game services, and the User is granted the right to use the relevant information.
  3. If the User is unfairly treated or damaged while using the game services, the User has the right to object to and request for correction through reasonable means and procedures.  If the User is unfairly treated or damaged by another user, the User has the right to notify and request the Company to apply this Code of Conduct to the said user.
  4. The User is obliged to understand the information that the Company officially announces, and the Company shall not be responsible for any damages incurred due to the lack of awareness on the part of the User.
  5. The User is not to generate any profit or engage in commercial activities by using the game services without prior consent from the Company.
  6. The User may not copy, duplicate, modify, translate, publish or communicate in any other form the information acquired from the game services to other Users without prior approval from the Company.
  7. The User may be responsible for distributing false information that is not officially announced by the Company in any manner, which causes confusion to other users.
  8. The User shall notify the Company of any vulnerabilities (such as bugs, system errors, illegal programs, etc.) of the game services, and shall not spread or exploit them.  If the User discovers any vulnerability and forwards it to another person without notice to the Company, the User may be deemed to have committed an intentional misconduct, thereby subject to the restrictions on the use of the game services in accordance with this Code of Conduct.
  9. The User may make inquiries, suggestions and requests related to the game services on the customer support page on the website.

5. Policies for Misconduct
In order to provide a fair and smooth game experience for all Users, the Company has set forth the matters which the Users shall comply with while using the Game.  All Users using the Game shall comply with the following rules.
1) Prohibition from using unauthorized programs and hardware devices
The use of unauthorized programs and hardware devices by the User that are not permitted or approved by the Company, or those that may enable unfair in-game profits or hinder fair game play (collectively, the “Unauthorized Hardware,” including hardware such as a mouse) may be subject to severe penalties including permanent ban from using the game, restrictions of use of the game services on the said hardware device, etc.  The development, advertisement, trade or distribution of unauthorized programs or Unauthorized Hardware by the User may be subject to investigations by the judicial authorities in accordance with relevant laws as well as in-game penalties.
2) Prohibition from unauthorized modification of the clients, servers, data (packets, etc.)
The unauthorized modification of the game clients (ini file modification, etc.), servers, or data (packets, etc.) is an act that offends the game services and violates copyright laws, for which a severe measure will be taken.
3) Prohibition from exploiting vulnerabilities in the Service (bugs and system)
An act of taking unfair profits by exploiting the in-game errors and bugs without notifying them to the Company through official procedures shall be subject to severe penalties, and the character information including all in-game items shall be removed.  Moreover, the act of distributing the means of exploiting bugs and systems shall also be subject to penalties.
4) Prohibition from discrimination against a certain race, sex, or nationality and use of offensive words
It is unacceptable to degrade a person or a group of people based on differences in race, gender, nationality, etc.  Please be respectful towards all users while using the Game.
5) Prohibition from disclosing personal information
Disclosing personal information of another user in any way, such as providing personal information of another user to a third party or posting it in a space where a number of users may check shall be deemed as an invasion of privacy and be subject to penalties.
6) Prohibition from manipulation
An act of manipulating an account other than the account that belongs to the User or manipulating the match results in an unfair way, by taking unfair profits in exchange for cash or actual goods/services with a specific user shall be subject to severe penalties, and the character information including all in-game points and items shall be removed.
7) Prohibition from using another’s account
An act of accessing an account that does not belong to a specific user and causing mental or physical damage to the owner of the account shall be subject to penalties.
8) Gameplay interference
An act of gameplay interference means an act that interferes with another user’s gameplay in or out of the Game either intentionally or continuously.
If the above acts are found to continue, the User may be deemed to have interfered with the gameplay and may be subject to automatic ingame penalties (e.g. extended que waiting period etc.,) or specific penalty measures.
9) Other undefined misconduct
Any act which is not defined in the Code of Conduct that negatively impacts the delivery of the game services, including but not limited to an act in violation of the laws of the Republic of Korea, sharing accounts, trading accounts, false report, distribution, promotion and advertisement of false information, or any act that negatively impacts other users shall be subject to careful review of the causes and circumstances and reasonable measures.

6. Standards of Penalties for Misconduct

1) The Standards are used to protect the quality of game services for the Users.
2) The Company may impose penalties to the Users who violate the Code of Conduct according to the following Standards without any prior warnings.
3) The Company may impose the strictest penalty if the User repeatedly violates the Code of Conduct.
4) The Company may restrict access from accounts of the same User penalized for continuous violation of the Code of Conduct. Depending on the severity, the Company reserves the right to deny its service or other measures.
※ Multiple offending accounts with the same IP address or the same device information shall be deemed to be owned and operated by the same person and penalties may be imposed.
5) Stricter penalties may be imposed depending on the severity, intentionality, frequency and other factors of the Misconduct.
6) If the violation is Third Strike or more, Permanent Ban may be imposed.
Misconduct First Strike Second Strike Third Strike
Use/Advertise/Develop/Trade/Distribute Unauthorized Software or Hardware Permanent Ban
Unauthorized Changes to Client/Server /Data (Packet etc.,) Permanent Ban
Vulnerability (Bug and Glitches) Exploitation (Mild) 7-day Suspension, Item and Other Character Data Reset 15-day Suspension, Item and Other Character Data Reset 30-day Suspension, Item and Other Character Data Reset
Vulnerability (Bug and Glitches) Exploitation (Severe) 30-day Suspension, Item and Other Character Data Reset Permanent Ban
Discriminatory Behavior (Race/Gender etc.) 30-day Suspension Permanent Ban
Inappropriate Languages (Explicit/Insult etc.) Warning 7-day Chat Ban 30-day Chat Ban
Interference with Gameplay
(Away from Keyboard, Idling, Griefing, Intentional Teaming)
Que Wait Time Delay
(May be lengthened if repeated)
7-day Suspension 30-day Suspension
Unauthorized Publication of Personal Information Permanent Ban
Unfair Gameplay (Match Fixing etc.) 7-day Suspension, Unfair Advantage Reset 30-day Suspension, Unfair Advantage Reset Permanent Ban
Account Theft Permanent Ban
5) Vulnerability (Bug and Glitches) Exploitation (Mild) is defined as conducts exploiting vulnerabilities (bugs and glitches) in the Game that mildly harm other Users.
(e.g.: Attacking from a location where due to a bug the other User cannot attack back)
6) ) Vulnerability (Bug and Glitches) Exploitation (Severe) is defined as conducts exploiting vulnerabilities (bugs and glitches) in the Game to gain unfair advantages such as gaining more items or currencies and cause disruptions in the Game. Depending on the severity, Permanent Bans and other strict penalties may be imposed.
7) If repeated or combined Misconducts are confirmed stricter penalties or even a Permanent Ban may be imposed. 
8) The Company may block the launching of the Game from the hardwares that misconducts have been spotted.

7. Recovery Policy
  1. Recovery or supports may not be available for the losses incurred due to the User’s own negligence or unawareness of the information made available in the Game, the Code of Conduct, Announcements, the Game’s website, and other official sources.

8. Gift Card and Code Policy

1) The Compnay may provide Codes to allow customers to redeem and use skins, including costume skins, weapon skins, and other in-game contents (Collectively, “Contents”) either as free of charge or as paid through approved affiliate companies or directly from the Game. “Promotional Code” means the Company grant Codes to the Users without any charge, which are used for promotional and marketing purposes. Codes obtained from an event or competitions are Promotional Codes.
2) The User can receive Contents after redeeming Codes on from their own personal accounts. It is strictly prohibited to sell and transfer these Codes with no exception.
3) A single Code can only be redeemed once, and cannot be reused, returned, or refunded.
4) An expiration date for Promotional Code is 3 months after its issuance, and the User cannot redeem Codes it expired.
5) An expiration date for Paid Code is 5 years after its issuance, and the User cannot redeem Codes if it expired. However, if the Codes expire before the set expiration date, the User can ask the Company to extend the validity up to 5 years from the issuing date. This extension is not available for Promotional Codes under any circumstances.
6) The Company is not liable for any damage incurred to the User or to third parties if Codes are acquired through personal sales or, trades, or has expired.
7) Codes purchased through an approved affiliate company are subject to the terms and conditions set by the affiliate company and any matters relating to those Codes (including customer inquiries, refund requests etc.) will be handled by the affiliate company.

This Code of Conduct shall take effect from July 15, 2020.