Greeting, Hunters!

Season 1 arrives with Patch 1.05! 

Along with the new season, we are holding SP event this weekend.  

So, grab your friend and enjoy SP every round this weekend! 

A New Season!
Pre-Season has come to an end and Season 1 is now here in Hunter's arena. You will receive rewards based on your final rank at the end of the season. 
Players with ‘Legend’ rank at the end of the season will be rewarded with a special Dalgi skin above and weapon skin that cannot be purchased with SP. 
Start climbing the ladder as Season 1 is already here. 
Season 1 ends Thursday, September 30th.

Followings are the rank-based rewards.
Solo - Legend 500th place or above: Sandy’s Hunter’s Ranger skin + Tau’s ancient weapon
Solo - Legend: Tau’s ancient weapon
Solo - Diamon & Platinum: Will receive SP based on the ranking.
Trio - Legend 500th place or above: Dalgi’s Hunter’s Ranger skin + Geon Hong ancient weapon
Trio - Legend: Geon Hong’s ancient weapon
Trio - Diamond & Platinum: Will receive SP based on the ranking.
Tag Match - Legend: Moo Myung’s ancient weapon
Tag Match - Diamon: Will receive SP based on the ranking.
* Ancient weapons and Hunter’s Ranger skins can’t be purchased with SP.
* Rank-based rewards will be given out following the end of each season.
* If you already own any rewarded skin or emote, a corresponding amount of SP will be given to you instead.
* Top three players of each game mode will receive extra special rewards. (More details on this will be revealed later.)

Level Up Rewards
You will now receive skins, SP, and many other rewards each time you level up.  
Rewards can be found in your mail. Please check your mail to receive your SP rewards. 
* Your current account level will be reset starting Season 1 
** This is subject to account level, not in-game level 

Balance Adjustments
Wu Kong, Sandy, Pigsy, Momo, Dalgi's attack damage not correctly showing up has been fixed. 

- "Exploding Rage" (Passive) enemy skill resist reduction has been changed from rate reduction to fixed reduction. 
- Basic attack's knock back distance has decreased. 
- "Death Embrace" range has increased. 
- Basic attack and other skills can be used after landing "Iron Will"  
- "Inferno" pulling in activates faster. 

Character Bug Fixes
-Wu Kong's clone not correctly showing up while using "Swap" during quickstep has  
been fixed. 
-Lock on being cancelled when Wu Kong uses "Swap" has been fixed. 
-Wu Kong's HP bar not showing up after using "Swap" has been fixed.  
-Ara's "Lycoris" skill damage not correctly showing up when countered has been fixed. 
-Momo’s 3rd and 4th basic attacks’ hit effect not showing up has been fixed. 
-Sandy’s “Focused Strike” being able to casted again right after using another skill has been fixed. 

Bug Fixes and System Updates
-Attack damage not correctly showing up for few characters has been fixed. 
-System message not correctly showing up when entering the arena has been fixed. 
-Skill effect noise constantly playing has been fixed. 
-Background music constantly playing after skipping victory animation has been fixed. 
-Item registered in Quick slot not showing up after being revived in Trio mode has been fixed. 
-Displaying 2nd page first in Rankings has been fixed. 
-Kill buff effect not being absorbed has been fixed. 
-Door in the starting island not opening on PS4 has been fixed. 
-Trap door in Fanatic Ruins not activating properly has been fixed. 
-Being able to use rappel in the middle of combo, skill, and quickstep has been fixed. 

1.5x SP Weekend Event
150% SP event is happening this weekend starting on August 14th~15th. 
You will receive 1.5 SP for every match played on the weekend.  

*Daily quests, Level up rewards are excluded from 1.5x SP event 

Next Update Notice
At last, Cross-invite feature that will allow adding friends on different platforms is coming! You will be able to add PC users as friends if you are on PS4/PS5 and vice versa.  
We will also hold many Event matches as a dev-only custom mode is on the way! 
ex) 30 player Pigsy matches 
Thank you for your patience and we will return with more exciting news!